Wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum)


wheatgrass raw powder

Triticum aestivum is an annual grass family, culms simple, erect, hollow or pithy, glabrous, up to 1.2 m tall, leaves flat, narrow, spikes long, slender, dorsally compressed, somewhat flattened, rachis tough, not separating from spikelet at maturity, spikelets 2-5 flowered, relatively far apart on stem, slightly overlapping, nearly erect, pressed close to rachis; glumes keeled in upper half, firm, glabrous, shorter than the lemmas, lemmas awned or awnless, palea as long as the lemma, remaining entire at maturity; caryopsis free-threshing, soft or hard, red or white. Hexaploid.It is native to the Mediterranean region and southwest Asia, and now grown in temperate climates worldwide.

Family                 : Poaceae
Climate               : Full sun, 18-22˙C
Common name : Wheatgrass
Botanical name : Triticum aestivum
Health benefit    : Rejuvenation *
Available form    : Fine/coarse powder
Used in                : Wheatgrass
Item number      : OP Tri 02

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