Ganges Primrose (Asystasia gangetica)


Ganges Primrose
Ganges Primrose
Ganges Primrose

Asystasia gangetica is a perennial attractive plant, fast-growing, spreading, herbaceous ground cover that grows from 300 mm to 600 mm in height. The stems root easily at the nodes. Leaves are simple and dark green. It produces a cream-coloured flower with tessellated purple markings on the palate (lower petal of the corolla) in spring and summer. Flowers are produced over a long period and are followed by capsules with brown seeds.It is semi-hardy, and young plants require protection in areas of heavy frost. In tropical areas it can grow rampantly. Asystasia gangetica is native in tropical Africa, Arabia and tropical Asia, but has been introduced in many other tropical regions, where it often naturalized.

Family                 : Acanthaceae
Climate               : Full sun, 18°C
Common name : Ganges Primrose
Botanical name : Asystasia gangetica
Health benefit    : Eliminate Kidney Stones*
Available form    : Fine/coarse powder
Used in                : Urocrush
Item number      : OP Asy 01

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