Our Policy

Quality Policy

FAME Pharmaceuticals:
1. Maintains and continuously improves the quality of our products.
2. Improve the quality of our own operations with promised amenities, in time possession, which meets and exceeds the needs and expectation of our customers.
3. A reliable management and rules and regulations for employees: required to improve the quality of our products, are being fulfilled and maintained.
4. Committed to serving interested parties as a whole by generating through ISO standards, GMP and CSR activities.
5. Provide the general orientation training to all employees to understand and cooperate according to the quality policy.

Environmental Policy

1. FAME Pharmaceuticals implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) to improve its Environmental Management and, ultimately, to reduce the environmental impacts of its operation, activities and products.

2. Environmental management organization will clearly define responsibilities and authorities. This shall be established to ensure conformance with legislation and regulation of the nations and with other related requirements to which the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.

3. The environmental impact caused by our production activities, products and services shall be precisely analyzed and assessed .The objectives, targets and measure for improving the environmental shall be established, implemented and reviewed considering technical and economical possibility.

4. Activities for suppression of waste, energy saving, material conservation and reusing of wastewater should be promoted.

5. All persons working for this Environmental Management System should be given full understanding of this environmental policy through environmental education and internal information.

6. Environment and natural resources management will recognize the critical roles that FAME’s Environmental Management services play in our compound’s society and economy.

7. All decisions on environmental policies, plans and activities that could have environmental impacts will be prior comprehensive assessment of their potential impacts, applying the precautionary principle, systematic risk assessment and the mitigation hierarchy.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

FAME Pharmaceuticals is the business of Research, Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of the Alternative Herbal Medicinal Products for the healthy lifestyle. As such, there are various risks associated with our work activities, including fire hazards, machinery hazards, electrical hazards, etc.

1. FAME Pharmaceuticals implement occupational health and safety management system which is appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization’s occupational health and safety risk.
2. FAME Pharmaceuticals will maintain a safe and healthy work environment by controlling potential hazards as much as we can and will document and maintain the implemented the occupational health and safety management system according to the ISO (OHSMS 45001-2018) international standard guidelines.
3. FAME Pharmaceuticals will comply with current applicable occupational health and safety legislation and where Myanmar legislation is inadequate, will comply with international standards and go beyond to the requirements.
4. FAME Pharmaceuticals will provided proper training, supervision, safe equipment and facilities and sufficient resources to meet our requirements.
5. FAME Pharmaceuticals will continually strive to improve in our work safety performance from time to time by controlling potential hazards so as to ensure safety and health for every parties involved.
6. FAME Pharmaceuticals OSH Policy is available to all interested parties.
7. FAME Pharmaceuticals reviews the OSH Policy periodically to ensure that it remain relevant and appropriate to our organization.

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