Our Vision

Quality Vision

1. Research, development, manufacturing and distribution of natural medicines complied with GMP and ISO standards.
2. To get continuous improvement by using advanced machines and equipments to manufacture more qualified products.
3. To become a leading manufacturer of natural medicines in Asian countries.
4. To create the best workplace for our employees in Myanmar.
5. To continuously increase market share of our product in both domestic and international trade.

Environmental Vision

1. A clean environment, with healthy and functioning ecosystems, that ensures inclusive development and wellbeing for all employees in FAME Pharmaceuticals.
2. Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling and prevention of pollution.
3. Reduce and control CO2 emissions from our compound usage by yearly target.
4. Promote environmental motto of “3 R”; reduce, reuse and recycle.
5. Demonstrate a good cooperate image
6. Build awareness of environmental concern among employees.
7. Increase profit, improving environmental performance through more efficient operations.

Occupational Health and Safety Vision

1. Has adopted a vision for continuous safety improvement.
2. Strives to perform all work activities on all projects free of accidents.
3. Has adopted a working slogan to assist our employees in establishing immediate goals.

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