Alyce Clover (Alysicarpus vaginalis)


Alyce Clover

Alyce Clover (Alysicarpus vaginalisis) an annual or perennial herb; different varieties may be either annual or perennial, and some behave as perennials in wet conditions but grow as annuals in dry regions. The stems take an erect form or run along the ground, more often erect when growing in dense stands. They reach one meter in length and usually have branches. The leaves are not divided into leaflets. The blades are variable in shape and up to about 6.5 cm long. Racemes of up to 12 flowers occur at the stem tips and grow from the leaf axils. The flower corolla is half a centimeter long and can be shades of red, purple, blue, or yellow. The fruit is a lightly hairy, cylindrical but compressed legume pod up to 2.5 cm long. The dark red seeds are no more than 1.5 mm long.It is native to parts of Africa and Asia.

Family                 : Fabaceae
Climate               : Full sun, tropical 18-20˙C
Common name : Alyce Clover
Botanical name : Alysicarpus vaginalis
Health benefit    : Eliminate Kidney Stones*
Available form    : Fine/coarse powder
Used in                : Urocrush
Item number      : OP Aly 01

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