Java Tea (Orthosiphon aristatus)


Java Tea
Java Tea
Java Tea

Orthosiphon aristatus is a herbaceous perennial plant with quadrangular ascending stem. Slender, 30-60 cm high. Leaves in distant pairs,narrowed into the stalk,ovate,5-10 cm long, pointed at both ends, coarsely toothed margins. The flowers are borne in very lax racemes. The calyx is bell-shaped, with a naked throat and two slender lower teeth. Corolla is 2.5 cm long, smooth, white or purplish, slender in the tube,and thrice as long as the calyx. Nutlets are oblong and compressed. Its native is India through South East Asia and throughout Malaysia to Australia.

Family                 : Lamiaceae
Climate               : Full sun or sun to partial shade, tropical, at least 18 ˙C
Common name : Java Tea
Botanical name : Orthosiphon aristatus
Health benefit    : Enhance Sugar Metabolism *
Available form    : Fine/coarse powder
Used in                : JavaHerb
Item number      : OP Ort 01

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