Natural medicine for influenza


Each tablet contains:
Star anise extract ……………….. 200 mg

Plant Description:
Star anise (Illicium verum) is native to Southern China, Northern Myanmar and Vietnam. It is a small tree having the star-shaped fruit, radiating between five and ten pointed boat-shaped sections, about eight on average.

Star anise contains shikimic acid and essential oil as well as phenylpropanoids and sesquiterpenes, eg. trans-anethole, eugenol, β−eudesmol, farnesol, β−caryophyllene and β−caryophyllene oxide, which are present in many essential oils, were examined for their antiviral activity. Linalool is important phytoactive compound found in star anise that does indeed have antiviral activity. The presence of β−caryophyllene in essential oils also contribute strongly to their antiviral ability. The plant extract has inhibitory effect on influenza virus neuraminidase with the possibility of alteration of virus particle aggregation and release. It is widely used as immune system booster. Like all spices, it also has strong antioxidant activity.

◆ Supportive treatment for influenza
◆ Immune system booster

2 to 12 years – half tablet two times daily for at least five days
12 years and above – one tablet two times daily for at least five days

Side effects:
Mild allergic reaction, gastrointestinal disturbance in some individuals

Pregnancy, lactation and under 2 years old

Quantity supplied:
10 tablets in one blister packing, in one secondary box

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