Phytoestrogen supplement


Each capsule contains:

Angelica sinensis (Dong quai) root extract …………………….. 150 mg
Glycine soja (Soybean) powder ………………………………………….100 mg

Active Constituents:
The characteristic components of dong quai are simple alkyl phthalides (Ligustilide,N-butylidenphthalide,N-butyl-phthalide), which are the major components of the essential oil fraction of the roots.
The constituents of soybeans are isoflavones. The principal isoflavones are genistein, daidzein and their metabolites. Coumestrol and the isoflavones closely mimic estrogen within the body.

Pharmacological actions:
The combination of dong quai and soybean possesses the following actions:

1. Relieve menstrual disorders
Rejuvir® showed effectiveness in decreasing menstrual pain and chronic endometritis.

2. Smooth muscle contraction
The active constituents are responsible for smooth muscle contraction in uterine wall.

3. Antithrombotic activity
Rejuvir®® inhibits platelet aggregation.

4. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Dong quai in Rejuvir®® contains phytoestrogens, so that it can be used in HRT for many years.

5. Menopausal symptoms
Rejuvir® had significant increase in bone mineral content and density in their lumbar spines.

1. Premenopause

● To regulate menstruation
● To relieve dysmenorrhoea
● To enhance uterine involution after childbirth

2. Post menopause
● To replace female hormones.
● To relieve menopausal symptoms

Side effects:
Nausea and dizziness, which may disappear if the drug is taken after meal.

Children under 12 years, pregnancy and lactation

Combination therapy:
For chronic kidney disease, Rejuvir® can be used together with Nephrotec® for more effective treatment.

Drug interactions:
Decreased prothrombin times were reported that received both warfarin and a repeated oral dose of Rejuvir®. Therefore, patients receiving anticoagulant therapy should be advised against taking it without medical supervision.

Adult – One capsule daily after dinner

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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