Natural dopamine supplement


Each tablet contains:
Organic Mucuna pruriens extract …………………. 200 mg

Pharmacological actions:
Anti-parkinsonian activity

The natural source of Levodopa (L-dopa) obtained from the seed of Mucuna pruriens is an important constituent used in Parkinson’s disease. This disease is a progressive neurological disorder caused by a shortage of dopamine. L-dopa helps replenish the brain’s dopamine. Unlike chemical dopamine, L-dopa can cross the blood brain barrier and is converted to dopamine in brain cells. It controls not only the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and also has neurorestorative benefits on the degenerating dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra. They prevent dopamine-producing brain cells from dying because Mucuna pruriens can work as an antioxidant and also as a dopamine provider. Therefore, Mucuna pruriens has been successfully used for Parkinson’s disease in Brazil & India since many centuries.

Aphrodisiac activity
Mucuna seed extract increases in magnesium content and sperm count in oligospermic cases. It administered orally shows significant improvement in functional impotency and oligospermia. It also enhances libido due to its dopamine content.

Health benefits:
● Improvement of symptoms of parkinson’s disease
● Natural fertility booster

Dosage: (Adult)
For prevention – one tablet once daily
For treatment – one tablet two times daily 30 minutes before meal

Neurodopa® should be used with medical supervision in human with hypoglycemia and excessive androgen syndromes.

Children under 12 years, pregnancy and lactating mother

Combination therapy:
It can also be used together with Neurogin® for more effective treatment.

Quantity supplied:
60 tablets per bottle

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