Natural adaptogen


Each capsule contains
Panax ginseng powder …………………………. 250 mg

Phytochemical constituents:
Ginseng contains at least 13 different triterpenoid saponins, collectively known as ginsenosides which are believed to be the most important active constituents and used as a marker for Quality control of ginseng drugs and commercial products. The usual concentration of ginsenosides is between 2% and 3%. Ginseng polysaccharides have also been a target of chemical and biological research because plant polysaccharides generally show antitumor effects through modulation of innate immunity.

Pharmacological actions:
● It has adaptogenic effect which produces a non-specific increase in the body’s own defencer against exogenous stress factors and noxious chemicals.
● It promotes an overall improvement in physical and mental performance.
● Supports strengthen the body’s immune response by various mechanisms such as by increasing natural killer cell function and antibody dependent cellular toxicity and therefore ginseng is useful supplement for immunodeficiency.
● It has dual effect on cell growth: it stimulates cell division in an adequate nutritional environment but acts cytostatically under adverse conditions.

Health benefits:
● Use as a natural adaptogen
● Use as a prophylactic agent for enhance of mental and physical capacities in cases of exhaustion, tiredness, loss of concentration, decreased memory, chronic fatigue syndrome and during convalescence
● Support immune defense
● Use as an adjuvant therapy in cancer patients to lower the side effects of radiotherapy

● Seek supervision from a physician before use for individual with hypertension, diabetes mellitus and in acute infections with fever.
● It should be discontinued one week before major surgery.

Adult – one to two capsules two times daily after meal

Drug interaction:
● Anticoagulant therapy: there is a possible interaction of ginseng with warfarin and ginseng should be omitted in case of anticoagulant therapy.
● Monoamine-oxidase inhibitor: Ginseng may potentiate the action of MAOI by inhibiting various neurotransmitters.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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