Support lung functions

Each capsule contains:
Mycelial extract of Cordyceps sinensis …………. 400 mg

Pharmacological actions:
Effect on Immune System

The Cordyceps extract could increase the number of T-helper cells and the ratio of T-helper and T-suppressor cells in mice. (Chen et al., 1987). Increasing evidence shows that is a bidirectional modulator with both potentiating and suppressive effects on the immune system through regulating innate and adaptive immunity. (Feng. Yang, and Li 2008, Zhou et al. 2009). Cordycepin and beta-glucan compound from Cordyceps extract can improve the anti-tumor immune response by recruiting tumor-killing granulocytes.

Effect on respiratory health
Chinese medicine has characterized Cordyceps as a guardian of respiratory health for more than a thousand of years. That has been shown to inhibit tracheal contractions, especially important in asthma patients, as it allows for increased airflow to the lungs. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties relieve asthma patients.

Effect on renal functions
Many clinical trials have been conducted using Cordyceps in chronic kidney diseases (CKD) patients. It helps not only improve renal functions manifested by decreasing Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine but also correct anaemia of renal origin.

Health benefits:
◆ Promote healthy lung functions
◆ Reduce nephrotoxicity
◆ Strengthen immune system

Adult – two capsules three times daily with meal
One capsule two times daily for maintenance dose.

Side effects:
Mild gastrointestinal tract discomfort including nausea, dry mouth and stomach discomfort in some individuals.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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