For healthy digestive system


Each capsule contains:
Bromelain from Pineapple …….. 160 mg

What is Bromelain?
Bromelain is a group of powerful protein-digesting enzymes which are found in pineapple plant (Ananas comosus). It was discovered in 1957, since then it was studied widely.

Pharmacological actions:
◆ Bromelain enhances the effect of digestive enzymes as trypsin or pepsin. It also relieves the pain of heartburn and reduce the effects of diarrhoea when these conditions are caused by a shortage of digestive enzymes.
◆ In individuals with chronic bronchitis, Bromelain has been shown to suppress cough and ease congestion. Patients with sinusitis and allergies that affect the sinuses have also responded to Bromelain therapy, it helps reduce inflammation and fluid retention in the nasal membranes.
◆ In 1995, German researchers found that the Bromelain supplement caused a significant reduction in swelling, bruises and pain, both at rest and during movement. It also has anti-inflammatory effect on the muscles and can help excess fluid drain from the site of a muscle injury.

◆ Promote healthy digestive system
◆ Ease chronic bronchitis and sinusitis
◆ Alleviate muscle pain and chronic joint pain

12 years and above – one to two capsules two times daily in between meals

Side effects:
◆ Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea which are generally mild may occur in some individuals.
◆ Allergic reactions may occur in individuals who are sensitive to pineapples.

Stop using Bromelain at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Drug interaction:
◆ If bromelain is used together with antibiotics, it can increase the effect of antibiotics.
◆ Bromelain affect the blood clotting so when taken together with anticoagulants and anti-platelet drugs, it could increase the risk of bleeding.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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