For rejuvenation

Each capsule contains
Wheatgrass powder ……………………… 300 mg

Pharmacological actions:
1. Wheatgrass is the complete food of so many animals, it contains a very broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. The most important active ingredient in wheatgrass is abscisic acid. It is a plant growth hormone which can boost energy level and increase muscle. Minerals promote cardiovascular and immune system function. For healing purposes, potassium ions are particularly vital to balance the composition of body fluids, and thus its alkalinity.

2. Wheatgrass contains over 80 enzymes. These are used for digestion, but also to detoxify harmful substances, and partake in many chemical changes in the body necessary for the maintenance of good health. Wheatgrass enhances cell vigour.

3. Wheatgrass is full of effective young chlorophyll. The chlorophyll molecule itself is structurally very similar to the iron-carrying component of haemoglobin. Studies have shown that anaemic animals restored by ingesting chlorophyll rich foods.

4. Antioxidant activity by wheatgrass ‘mops up’ the free radicals and restores the chemical balance of cells.

5. It has been reported that the incidence of cancer is much lower in people who take leafy green vegetables (chlorophyll).

● Convalescence stage
● To obtain rejuvenation effect
● To promote detoxification effect
● Treatment of anemia
● Promotion of cardiovascular and immune system functions

Contraindicated in those who are hypersensitive to wheatgrass.

Drug interaction:
Wheatgrass supplements may effect those who are on warfarin.

One capsule two times daily after meal

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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