• It’s been three times that I have been discussed with and medicated by Dr. Khin Maung Lwin. It relieves significantly. Wish there’ll be a lot of good doctors like him in the future Myanmar.

    Daw Nyein

  • I have been taking FAME product containing mucuna seed extract named Neurodopa, two times a day and is really effective. I am also suffering from diabetes and please guide me which product I should take and where I can get the product.

    Aung Soe

  • I, myself use FAME products and always share the information to others also because FAME products are international certified Organic products.

    I am a sea captain. I suffered from lymphoma. I did operation in Singapore and did chemotherapy in Bangkok.

    Currently I get back to my work and I bring some anti-cancer drugs with me which are Biocrush, NatureC, BeePollen, Chlorella and GreenTea. When I was at home, I used to take Completec, Appletec and Wheatgrass also. All of the above products named are from FAME pharmaceuticals.

    I am sharing about how I suffered and get cured by the cancer by posting at “Cancer patients and Best friends” group. Since Cancer drugs are very expensive, and some can’t afford to do surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, I always recommend to use Fame products because of internationally certified and due to their reasonable price and some more they are organic products.

    Soe Moe Kyaw

  • Best for excellent healthy with the elegant technique.

    SAi YA

  • The only and one factory in Myanmar who received ISO Certification for maintaince of the environment
    Yannaing Moe

  • Wishing FAME to be more successful in research and development of new drugs.

    Rain Moe

  • I encourage organic farming, organic food and organic medicine.

    Saw Thakhin

  • I’m very proud for Myanmar national.

    Cherry Lay

  • The best environmental friendly factory in Myanmar and one of the best business models so far. Thanks for the effort and welcoming us for the visit.

    Mai Aye Aye Aung

  • I’ve been suffered renal diseases and it relieves significantly after I took FAME product.

    Aung Kyaw Moe

  • Lots of products useful to everybody needs! Thanks.

    Aung Zeya Mying

  • Products from FAME are really effective. Thank you FAME.

    Phonemyat Yanpaing

  • I like products from FAME.

    Kyaw Kyaw

  • I gave my trust to FAME products because FAME used raw materials which is grown by an organic method and produce drugs by using an advanced machines.

    Nay Minn

  • I supposed people should change their thinkings of only doctors must study about medicines. Not only doctors but also for others whom are not from medial field also should study in order to get their own safety and to support people around them. I like FAME. I would like to give a wish to FAME to maintain its quality to be good as always and be the one who can support people around the world.

    Koshanlay Lannpyakyal

  • Thanks for giving health education.

    Kyi PhyuKo

  • Thanks for sharing good news about health.

    Myang Nu

  • FAME products which is produced from natural plants can relieve pains for people who is suffering a lot by diseases. I would like to say thanks to Dr. U Khin Maung Lwin and the responsible persons from FAME as a representative of the whole nations.

    Nandar Hlaing

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