Propolis Honey

Wound healing agent (including mouth)

Propolis Honey
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Pharmacological actions:
♦ Propolis is a potent natural bactericidal and anti-viral agent.
♦ Propolis can lower the degree of inflammation and promote healing.
♦ Applying in burns and scald, there can be less chance of blister formation and ugly scar.
♦ Majority of bacteria cannot survive in honey because of its high osmolarity and bacteria becomes denatured due to the loss of water content.
♦ Honey contains H2O2 which can remove the wound debris and promotes healing.
♦ There are many enzymes which aid fast healing.

Each bottle contains

Propolis extract
Pasteurized natural honey
……………   2 ml
…………… 18 ml

♦ Burns and scald
♦ Lacerated and granulating wounds
♦ Abscess and carbuncle
♦ Bed sore
♦ Aphthous ulcer and angular stomatitis
♦ Herpes simplex infection

Apply directly to the wound twice daily and cover with steriled gauze.

Quantity supplied:
20 ml per bottle

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