Each capsule contains
Morinda citrifolia fruit powder ……………. 450 mg
Aloe vera powder ……………………………. 50 mg

Active constituents:
The most important active principle found in noni fruit is proxeronine which is converted in the body to xeronine. Xeronine was first discovered by Dr. Ralph Heinicke in 1972 at the University of Hawaii. Xeronine is a hormone which exhibits positive effects on cells that result in most people feeling better.

Proxeronine releases pure xeronine in the intestine when it comes in contact with a particular enzyme also found in noni fruit known as proxeronase. Proxeronine is also converted into xeronine in the other part of the body by the action of enzyme proxeronase, an enzyme needed in the biosynthesis of xeronine and serotonin.

Pharmacological action:
◆ Antistress and antidepressant effect
◆ Anticancer effect
◆ Analgesic effect
◆ Antisecretory effect on respiratory tract
◆ Immunomodulating effect
◆ Antiplatelet effect

◆ Immunoenhancement
◆ Rejuvenation
◆ Reduce the risk of infection

Side effects:
Belching, skin rashes, bleeding manifestation

Noni fruit is a rich source of potassium and therefore Nonicap® should not be used in case of renal insufficiency because of risk of hyperkalemia.

Nonicap® should not be taken together with tea, coffee or alcohol, all of which can destroy the proxeronine. It has antiplatelet action and therefore Nonicap® should be omitted 2 weeks before any surgical procedure including dental extraction.

2 years and above – one to two capsules two times daily half an hour before meal for better absorption

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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