Chronic Hepatitis


Each capsule contains
Luteolin from Thymus vulgaris extract ………………… 100 mg

The plant contains many phytochemical compounds including luteolin, a flavone (a type of flavonoid) which has a yellow crystalline appearance.

Pharmacological actions:
Anti-HCV activity

According to research done by the Fudan University in China, luteolin displayed an anti-HCV activity (as HCV replication inhibitor) with EC50 value of 4.3 µM in cell-based antiviral assay. Luteolin exhibited a good inhibition of NS5B polymerase enzymatic function with an IC50 of 1.12 µM.

Anti-tumour activity
A group of scientists from the Kaohsiung Medical University of Taiwan tested luteolin against five human hepatoma cell lines, namely HepG2, SK-Hep-1, PLC/PRF/5, Hep3B, and HA22T/VGH, with XTT assay and flow cytometry. The results showed that luteolin inhibited HCC cells not only by cell cycle arrest at G0/G1 phase but also by apoptosis.

◆ Adjuvant treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C
◆ Supportive treatment for Tumour of the liver (Hepatoma)

Adult – one capsule two times daily

Combination Therapy:
It can be used together with MilkThistle (silymarin), GreenTea (EGCG), Appletec® (quercetin) and Blueberry (proanthocyanidin) for more synergistic action.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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