Each tablet contains
Orthosiphon aristatus (Java tea) leaf extract ………… 250 mg

Active constituents:
The active principles for controlling blood sugar are diterpenes. There are two groups of diterpene in Orthosiphon. They are isopimarine-type diterpenes (such as orthosiphones A and B, orthosiphols A and B, orthosiphols F, G, H and I) and pimarine-type diterpenes (neoorthosiphols A and B). Other substances include saponins, alkaloids, tannin, essential oil, flavonoids (sinensetin, tetramethoxy flavones, trimethylapigenin and tetramethylluteolin), choline, betaine, organic acids (tartaric, citric and glycolic), and potassium salts.

Pharmacological actions:
1. Hypoglycaemic effect

In normoglycaemic rats, oral administration of an aqueous extract of O. aristatus (1g / kg) produces a significant decrease in blood glucose concentration compare with that in a control group.

2. Diuretic effect
The diuretic effect could be partially due to the potassium content of Java tea as well as to the flavones sinensetin and 3′ hydroxy-5,6,7, 4′-tetramethoxyflavone, which exhibited diuretic activity in rats after intravenous administration of (10 mg/kg) body weight. Oral administration of methylripariochromene A (100 mg / kg) has been shown to increase urinary volume in fasted rats for three hours after oral administration.

3. Antihypertensive effect
In stroke-prone, spontaneously hypertensive rats, subcutaneous administration of methylripariochromene A (100 mg/kg) produced a continuous reduction in systolic blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate. Methylripariochromene A also suppressed agonist-induced contractions in the rat thoracic aorta and decreased the contractile force in isolated guinea pig atria without significantly affecting the beating (heart) rate.

Type II Diabetes mellitus

Adult – one to two tablets two times daily half an hour before meal.

Side effect:
Well tolerated in recommended dose.

Pregnancy and lactation

Quantity supplied:
60 tablets per bottle

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