Each tablet contains
Orthosiphon aristatus (Java tea) leaf extract …………………… 250 mg

Active constituents:
The active principles for controlling blood sugar are diterpenes. There are two groups of diterpene in Orthosiphon. They are isopimarine-type diterpenes (such as orthosiphones A and B, orthosiphols A and B, orthosiphols F, G, H and I) and pimarine-type diterpenes (neoorthosiphols A and B). Other substances include saponins, alkaloids, tannin, essential oil, flavonoids (sinensetin, tetramethoxy flavones, trimethylapigenin and tetramethylluteolin), choline, betaine, organic acids (tartaric, citric and glycolic), and potassium salts.

Pharmacological actions:
1. Hypoglycaemic effect
In normoglycaemic rats, oral administration of an aqueous extract of O. aristatus (1g / kg) produces a significant decrease in blood glucose concentration compare with that in a control group.

2. Diuretic effect
The diuretic effect could be partially due to the potassium content of Java tea as well as to the flavones sinensetin and 3′ hydroxy-5,6,7, 4′-tetramethoxyflavone, which exhibited diuretic activity in rats after intravenous administration of (10 mg/kg) body weight. Oral administration of methylripariochromene A (100 mg / kg) has been shown to increase urinary volume in fasted rats for three hours after oral administration.

3. Antihypertensive effect
In stroke-prone, spontaneously hypertensive rats, subcutaneous administration of methylripariochromene A (100 mg/kg) produced a continuous reduction in systolic blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate. Methylripariochromene A also suppressed agonist-induced contractions in the rat thoracic aorta and decreased the contractile force in isolated guinea pig atria without significantly affecting the beating (heart) rate.

Type II Diabetes mellitus

Pregnancy and lactating mothers

Adult – one to two tablets two times daily half an hour before meal.

Quantity supplied:
60 tablets per bottle

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