EGCG 150 mg


Each capsule contains:
EGCG from Green tea extract …………….. 150 mg

Pharmacological actions:
Green Tea and hepatitis C

The most potent molecule of green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) inhibits viral attachment to the HCV cell. The antiviral activity of EGCG is directed against HCV envelope glycoproteins and all HCV genotypes. EGCG inhibits virus entry by impairing virus binding to the cell surface and HCV Cell-to-Cell spread. Thus disrupting the initial step of HCV life cycle and concluded that EGCG potently inhibits HCV infection process and could be part of an antiviral strategy aimed at the prevention of HCV reinfection after liver transplantation.It chelates to free iron molecules, so as to inhibit iron-induced lipid peroxidation.

Green Tea and cancer
Green tea catechins, such as EGCG and its derivatives support normal cell growth. EGCG prevents new blood vessel growth in tumors and also inhibits tumor cell proliferation, blocks cell cycle progression and induces apoptosis. EGCG significantly increases the expression of tumor-suppressor proteins and exhibits anti-angiogenic activities in various experimental studies. They have protective effects against several kinds of cancer. EGCG inhibits thrombin induced hepatocellular carcinoma cell invasion. (Humboldt University, Germany). Scientific studies show that EGCG inhibits human head and neck squamous carcinoma cell growth and decreases the thickness of the dermal fat layer under tumors. It also induces apoptosis in breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.

◆ Chronic hepatitis C infection
◆ Prevention and treatment of tumors
◆ Reduction of extra body fat

12 years and above – one capsule two times daily after meal

Side effects:
Headache, palpitation, insomnia, irritation of gastric mucosa may occur in some individuals.

If pregnant or breast-feeding, seek supervision from a physician before use. Tannins found in green tea can reduce iron absorption, thus separate doses from iron supplements at least 2 hours.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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