Probiotic supplement


Each capsule contains:
Probiotics (Functional yogurt) 300 mg containing live Lactobacillus acidophilus 875 million and
Bifidobacterium lactis 875 million

What is probiotics?
Probiotics mean health-promoting good bacteria and also called ‘flora’. Probiotic microorganisms may help to prevent overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria and stimulate the intestinal immune defense system. Lactobacillus are normal inhabitants of the human intestine and vagina. Bifidobacterium are inhabitants of the colon.

◆ Regular consumption of probiotics improves the gut microflora and reduces the number of unwanted bacteria.
◆ It improves recovery after antibiotic treatment, repopulation with good bacteria helps to re-establish a healthy balance of bacteria.
◆ Probiotics improve digestibility of food and reduce flatulence; foods exposed to these bacteria are broken down and improve the biological value of foods. And also improve lactose intolerance and absorption of calcium containing foods.
◆ It directly acts with the immune system by activation of white blood cells and stimulates powerful defense cells like the natural killer cells and increases the antiviral chemicals like interferon.

◆ Prevention and treatment of diarrhoea
◆ To restore normal flora after diarrhoea or antibiotic therapy
◆ Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
◆ Immunoenhancement

For prevention
5 -12 years : one capsule daily,
12 years and above : two capsules daily
For treatment
5 -12 years : one capsule two times daily,
12 years and above: two capsules two times daily
The dosage can be adjusted according to requirement.

Side effect:
Well tolerated in recommended dose.

Intestinal damage, recent bowel surgery, organ transplant, immunosuppressive therapy and under 1 year old

Mixing with hot food and drink should be avoided. Alcohol can destroy the probiotics.

Drug interaction:
(1) It should be used 3 days after antibiotic doses.
(2) Antacids should be taken 30 minutes before taking probiotics.
(3) Probiotics may prolong the effect of diazepam and oral contraceptive pills.

Quantity supplied:
10 capsules in one blister with secondary box
Also available as 60 capsules per bottle

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