Each caplet contains:
Cissus spp. rhizome standard extract ………. 250 mg
(Cissus discolor and Cissus repens)

Plant description:
Cissus spp. (Cissus discolor and Cissus repens) are widely distributed in Shan State. Cissus species are tendrillar climbers, slender, scandent, glabrous, glaucous with fusiform to tuberculous rhizome.

Pharmacological actions:
In Myanmar, one of the effective anti-tumor herbal medicinal plants is Cissus species (Tabin-daing-mya-nan). Cissus species (Cissus discolor and Cissus repens) isolate glycosides, flavonoids, 3-keto steroids, bergenin, vitisonol B, vitisonol C, vitisonol D, vitisin A, vitisin B, isolariciresinol, 4-O-methyl gallate, protocatechuic acid, gallic acid, pallidol, onocer-7-en-3α, 21β -diol (I) and onecer 7-en-3α , 21α-diol (II) as bioactive compounds. Cissus discolor and Cissus repens rhizome have the most active compounds in Cissus species on phytochemical tests. According to in vitro and in vivo studies, these compounds have inhibitory effects on dividing tumor cells of the female genital tract such as tumors of cervix, uterus and ovaries.

For treatment of tumors especially in female reproductive tract

Adult – one to two caplets two times daily

Side effect:
Some people have experienced itchiness of the skin due to minor allergic reaction. It can be reduced by taking antihistamine.

Under 2 years old, pregnancy, lactation, patient with anticoagulant therapy

Quantity supplied:
60 caplets per bottle

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