For renal stones

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Pharmacological actions:
Urocrush® is very effective in supporting the functions of the kidneys and urinary tract by
♦ Controlling the urinary composition
♦ Maintaining crystalloid-colloid balance
♦ Strengthening the mucosal integrity
♦ Reducing the susceptibility of calcium salts of oxalic or uric acid to develop calculi
♦ Preventing the development of various forms of calculi
♦ Increasing urine output and eliminating the urinary sediments
By taking the Urocrush® in case of urinary calculi, the stone will transform into colloidal form and finally dissolved in the urine and flushed out. Therefore, Urocrush® can bring about significant improvement in the quality of life.

Each capsule contains

Alysicarpus vaginalis
Arundo donax
Bergenia ligulata
Asystasia gangetica
…………… 100 mg
…………… 100 mg
……………   80 mg
……………   20 mg

♦ Urolithiasis
♦ Dysuria

Dosage: (Adult)
For prevention – one capsule once daily
For treatment – one to two capsules three times daily
(To be taken with a glass of water before meal)

Side effects:
Mild hypotension in some individuals

Drug interactions:
As Urocrush® has synergistic diuretic action with other oral diuretic agents, dose adjustment of such drugs is needed when use together with Urocrush®.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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