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Pharmacological actions:

Allium sativum (Garlic) has been used as a medicine since many years ago and it’s recommended primarily for its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in the attempt to reduce the risk of dying prematurely from heart attack and stroke. Garlic contains active ingredient allicin which has cholesterol lowering action by reducing total cholesterol and LDL markedly while raising HDL level.
Spirulina platensis is composed of protein, carbohydrate, essential fatty acid (gamma linolenic acid), vitamins and minerals and has positive effects on good health. Effect of Spirulina on lipid profile pointed out that the Spirulina has effect of lowering serum total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, atherogenic index and can raise the serum HDL level.

Each caplet contains

Allium sativum extract containing allicin
Spirulina platensis
…………… 150 mg
……………   50 mg

♦ Hyperlipidaemia
♦ Hypertension
♦ Prevention of ischaemic heart disease
♦ Obesity

Combination therapy:
SpiruGarlic® can be used together with Chitobit® for better result.

A person with hyperlipidaemia without obesity should take one caplet two times daily before meal. In case of obesity with hypercholesterolaemia, two caplets two times are more effective

Quantity supplied:
60 caplets per bottle

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