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Pharmacological actions:
♦ Anti-stress and anti-depressant effect
♦ Anti-cancer effect
♦ Analgesic effect
♦ Anti-secretory effect on respiratory tract
♦ Immunomodulating effect
♦ Anti-platelet effect

The main active principle of Noni fruit is proxeronine which is converted into xeronine by proxeronase enzyme in the body.

Each capsule contains

Morinda citrifolia fruit powder
Aloe vera powder
…………… 450 mg
……………   50 mg

♦ Immunoenhancement
♦ Reduce the risk of infection
♦ For rejuvenation

Dosage: 2 years and above – one to two capsules two times daily half an hour before meal for better absorption

Contraindication: Nonicap® is a rich source of potassium and therefore it should not be used in case of renal insufficiency because of risk of hyperkalemia.

Caution: Nonicap® should not be taken together with tea, coffee or alcohol, all of which can destroy the proxeronine. It has antiplatelet action and therefore Nonicap® should be omitted 2 weeks before any surgical procedure including dental extraction.

Side effects: Bleaching, skin rashes, bleeding manifestation

Storage: Replace the cap tightly just after opening. Store in a cool and dry place.

Quantity supplied: 60 capsules per bottle

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