Neem Skin Cream

For Skin Infections

Neem Skin Cream
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Pharmacological actions:
♦ Anti-fungal action is mediated by azadiradione, a tetranortriterpenoid, which is effective against superficial fungal skin infections like tinea infection.
♦ Anti-scabies action is mediated by most of the tetranortriterpenoid compounds especially in the hot water soluble forms.
♦ Anti-bacterial action is mediated by mahmoodin, a new limonoid compound.
♦ Anti-inflammatory action is mediated by the water soluble part of ethanolic extract of neem leaves & curcuma.

20g tube contains

Azadirachta indica leaf extract
Curcuma longa extract
…………… 1.25 g
…………… 0.50 g

Effective in scabies, fungal and bacterial skin infections

How to apply:
The cream should be applied liberally to affected area three times daily after cleansing until healing is complete. The duration of treatment is usually one week in case of skin abrasion, scabies and bacterial skin infections. It should be 6-8 weeks in case of tinea infection to eradicate the fungi in all skin layers.

For external use only
Keep out of reach of children.
Stop application if any allergy occurs.

Quantity supplied:
20 g per tube

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