All About Plants


 Dong qui or the female ginseng
All about Ginseng
Medicinal effects of Ginseng
All about 'Brucea Javanica' (Ya Tan Tze)
Milk Thistle and its powerful actions in liver disease
All about the lingzhi
Medicinal ingredients of Lingzhi mushroom></a></div>
<div id=All about Alfalfa
All about wheatgrass
All about Gynura procumbens
All about Star Anise
All about Aristolochia indica
All bout Orthosiphon aristatus (Java tea)
Green Tea and its health benefits
About Cordiceps sinessis and its medical effect
About  cordiceps sinessis and its medical effect
All about Cissus species (Tabin-daing-mya-nan)
Medicinal Tinospora cordifolia (Heartleaf moonseed)
All about Astragalus membranaceus
All about medicinal mucuna pruriens

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