Health Talk DVD Series


  1. Health hazards of betel chewing
  2. Disadvantages of cigrattes
  3. Arsenic poisoning
  4. Wheat allergy diseases
  5. Danger of dye containing foods
  6. Danger of formalin in foods
  7. Foods that support human growth
  8. Lychee and its health benefits
  9. Aluminum poisoning
  10. All about Lung Cancer
  11. Pomegranate and its health benefits
  12. Coenzyme Q10 and its health benefits
  13. Heart healthy foods
  14. Parkinson’s disease
  15. Oral health and probiotic
  16. Dangers of alcohol drinking
  17. Air pollution and cancer
  18. Orange and its health benefits
  19. Watermelon and its health benefits
  20. Avocado and its health benefits
  21. Sugar apple and its health benefits
  22. Coconut and its health benefits
  23. All about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  24. Strawberry and its health benefits
  25. Pneumococcal pneumonia
  26. SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
  27. Pomelo and its health benefits
  28. Mango and its health benefits
  29. Durain and its health benefits
  30. Meningococcal Meningitis
  31. Danger of heat
  32. Danger of Zika virus
  33. Grape and its health benefits
  34. Calcium and its health benefits
  35. Drumstick and its health benefits
  36. Dangers of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
  37. Dragon fruit and its effects on health
  38. All about medicinal Mucuna pruriens
  39. Pumpkin and its balance of health
  40. Foods that controled acid and alkali balance
  41. UV rays and their effects on health
  42. Various types of beans and its effects on health
  43. Banana and its effects on health
  44. Pineapple and its effects on health
  45. Mangosteen and its effects on health
  46. About Gingko biloba and its medical effect
  47. All about Astragalus membranaceus
  48. Medicinal “Tinospora cordifolia” (Heartleaf moonseed)
  49. All about Cissus species (Tabin-daing-mya-nan)
  50. Collagen and its effects on health
  51. Fibre in food and its effects on health
  52. About “Cordiceps sinessis” and its medical effect
  53. All about Filariasis
  54. Cranberry: the natural remedies of urinary tract infections
  55. All about Astragalus membranaceus
  56. Green tea and its health benefits
  57. All about Dengue Fever
  58. All about Probiotics
  59. Cheese and its effects on health
  60. All bout “Orthosiphon aristatus” (Java tea)
  61. All about “Aristolochia indica
  62. Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  63. All about Osteoporosis
  64. Gallstones and the natural medicine
  65. Treatment of gallstones
  66. Prevention of gallstones
  67. All about gallstones
  68. Cabbage, cauliflower and cancer
  69. All about Star Anise
  70. Egg and the precautions
  71. Essential choline and health
  72. The benefits of organic farming
  73. Organic farming, organic foods and health benefits
  74. Potato chips and cancer
  75. Foods leading to cancer
  76. Foods leading to mercury poisoning
  77. Seedless fruits and its effects on health
  78. All about Gynura procumbens
  79. Honey and its health benefits
  80. All about Wheatgrass
  81. All about Alfafa
  82. Medicinal ingredients of Lingzhi mushroom
  83. All about the Linhzhi
  84. All about skin wrinkles
  85. All about freckles
  86. All about facial dark spots
  87. Human skin and its changes in pigmentation
  88. Noni and cancer
  89. Papaya and its efects on health
  90. Guava and its effects on health
  91. All about beepollens
  92. All about nutrition and eye health
  93. Tamarind and its effects on health
  94. All about Eczema
  1. All about cracked heels
  2. Migraine or the severe headache
  3. All about headaches
  4. Foods leading to cyanide poisoning
  5. Noni and its effects on health
  6. Apple and its effects on health
  7. Tomato and its effects on health
  8. Milk Thistle and its powerful actions in liver disease
  9. Ginger and its effects on health
  10. Black pepper and its effects on health
  11. Chili pepper and its effects on health
  12. The bad consequences of obesity on health
  13. The relationship between obesity and cancers
  14. Obesity and diet
  15. All about obesity
  16. Vitamin C and health
  17. Genitically Modified (GM) foods and their harmful effects
  18. All about genetically modified (GM) foods
  19. All about dreaming
  20. All about Chitosan
  21. Acne and food
  22. All about acne
  23. Egg and its effects on health
  24. Yogurt and its effects on health
  25. Diarrhoea and diet
  26. All about Diarrhoea
  27. All about ‘Brucea Javanica’ (Ya Tan Tze)
  28. All about dysentery
  29. Sleeping and it’s effect on health
  30. All about Gingko biloba or the maidenhair tree
  31. Medicinal effects of Ginseng
  32. All about Ginseng
  33. Symtoms and treatment of H5N1
  34. Preventive ways of H5N1
  35. All about flu
  36. All about H5N1
  37. Dong qui or the female ginseng
  38. Soybean and its effects on health
  39. All about Estrogen hormones
  40. All about herbal medicine or the natural medicines from plants
  41. All about alternative medicine
  42. Hypertension and the natural medicine(Plantago major)
  43. Hypertension and the natural medicine
  44. Hypertension and the lifestyle
  45. Hypertension and diet
  46. All about hypertension
  47. All about Vitis species (Tabin-daing-mya-nan)
  48. Treating BPH through medicine
  49. Treating BPH by changing of lifestyle and diet
  50. All about BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
  51. Hair dyes and the precautions
  52. Foods leading to lead poisoning
  53. Symptoms of lead poisoning
  54. Causes of lead poisoning
  55. Air pollution and health
  56. Water pollution and health
  57. Medicinal effects of curcumin
  58. All about curcumin
  59. Bittergourd and its effects on health
  60. Coffee and it’s effects on health
  61. Benefits of drinkting hot tea
  62. All about tea leaves
  63. Potato and the cautions
  64. Beneficial effects of potato on health
  65. Onion and its effects on health
  66. All about djenkol beans
  67. All about antioxidant
  68. Understanding aging in humans
  69. All about Medicinal “Tinospora cordifolia” (Heartleaf moonseed)
  70. All about gout
  71. Renal stones and Myanmar’s medicinal plants
  72. Prevention of renal stones by diet
  73. All about renal stones
  74. Showering and its effects on health
  75. Moon’s magnetic field and its effects on health
  76. Electromagnetic pollution
  77. Things producing magnetic fields and their effects on health
  78. Earth’s magnetic field and its effects on health
  79. Constipation and the effects of tamarind on it
  80. Garlic and health (2)
  81. Garlic and health (1)
  82. All about cholesterol
  83. Diseases arising from aflatoxins
  84. Aflatoxin or the harmful mycotoxin
  85. The effects of naturally occuring red foods on health
  86. The effects of naturally occuring yellow foods on health
  87. Green chlorophyll and its effects of natural detoxification
  88. The green pigments chlorophyll and anemia
  89. All about chlorophyll- the green pigments
  90. Invisible light or the UV and its effects on health
  91. Visible light or the effects of colors on health
  92. Sunshine and insomnia
  93. Sunshine and its benefits on health

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