For chronic hepatitis


Each capsule contains:
Glycyrrhizin from Licorice root extract ………………….. 60 mg

Pharmacological actions:
Effect on HCV
Glycyrrhizin inhibits HCV full length viral particle and HCV core gene expression both at RNA and protein level. It has also been reported that Glycyrrhizin had a membrane stabilizing effect and a reduction of membrane fluidity. It can suppress virus release.

Glycyrrhizin exhibits a significantly higher ALT reduction compared to placebo after 12 weeks of therapy and an improvement of necro-inflammation and fibrosis after 52 weeks treatment. It is also documented to have hepatocyte protective effect against various hepatotoxic injuries, both in humans and in vitro.

Effect on Respiratory tract
Glycyrrhizin has soothing and healing action, reducing irritation and inflammation and has an expectorant effect in the respiratory system. Thus, it is useful in irritating coughs, asthma and chest infections.

● Chronic hepatitis C
● Bronchitis and cough

Adult- One capsule two times a day with meal.
Potassium supplementation is recommended with prolonged use.

Side effects:
None in recommended dose

Hypertension, congestive heart failure, severe kidney insufficiency, hyperkalaemia, odema and pregnancy

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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