White Kwao Krua (Pueraria mirifica)


White Kwao Krua
White Kwao Krua
White Kwao Krua

Pureria mirifica plants are climbers. Leaves have palmate types. Its flowers are purple or purple bloom on top,and are similar to a bean flower. Pods are brown flat. The size and the shape of rhizome are various, depending on the soil condition, environment and the time of cropping. The root tubers are round and grow deep under the ground. This plant has sweet and pungent taste.It is native herbal plant found in the northern part of Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Family                 : Fabaceae
Climate               : 20-25°C
Common name : White Kwao Krua
Botanical name : Pueraria mirifica
Health benefit    : Female Hormone Balancer *
Available form    : Fine/coarse powder
Used in                : Ladymax
Item number      : RC Pue 08

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