For urinary tract infection


Each capsule contains:
Cranberry fruit extract containing proanthocyanidin ……………………. 100 mg

pharmacological actions:
The proanthocyanidins (PACs) present in cranberries have an uncommon A-type intermolecular double linkage that appears to impart its unique antiadherence effect and is different from PACs found in other flavonoid rich foods. Cranberries contain PAC compounds that have strong bacterial anti-adhesion properties.

E.coli bacteria cause 80-90% of urinary tract infections (UTIs), the most common infection among women and have a high reoccurrence rate. PACs from cranberries affect E.coli cells in three ways. Cranberry PACs (1) change the shape of the E.coli from rods to spheres (2) alter the cell membranes and (3) compress tendrils on the outside of the cells, which affects E.coli’s ability to attach to cells lining of the bladder wall. All of these effects inhibit the bacteria’s attachment to cells lining of the bladder wall.

The other mechanism by which a change in the pH of urine is by the conversion of benzoic acid to hippuric acid. The amount of benzoic acid in the fruit results in the production of sufficient hippuric acid to be effective as a urinary bacteriostatic agent. It helps to reduce urinary odor making it useful for who are incontinent.

Prevention and treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection

For prevention:
12 years and above – One capsule two times daily after meal.

For treatment:
12 years and above – Two capsules two times daily after meal.

Combination therapy:
It should be used in combination with Biogurt® for better result.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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