Tinospora Honey


Tinospora Honey
Product Description
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Pharmacological actions:
Tinospora cordifolia contains alkaloids such as columbin, tinosporin and tinosporaside.
♦ It also contains glycosides (cordifolioside A, B and C).
♦ It serves as a natural antioxidant to slow down the aging process by enhancing the level of glutathione.

Each bottle contains

Tinospora cordifolia extract
Natural honey
……………   75 ml
…………… 225 ml

♦ Anti-inflammatory
♦ Immunoenhancement
♦ Rejuvenation

One to two teaspoonfuls two times daily after meal

Store at 15 – 25 °C.
Protect from direct sunlight.
Do not keep in refrigerator.

Quantity supplied:
300 ml per bottle

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