Bee pollen is the male seed (male reproductive part) of a flower that....
It is a natural food with high nutrition. It is rich in proteins, minerals and hormones......
Each capsule contains Ginkgo biloba standard leaf extract 60 mg. .....
Hepa - B should be discontinued 2 weeks before elective surgery to reduce...... HEPA B
Each capsule contains Functional yogurt 300 mg ....
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FAME Pharmaceuticals

Our company, FAME Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd has been established in 1994 and is a private-owned Myanmar Company.

Our company is well organized by medical doctors, biochemists, pharmacists, phytochemists, chemists, botanists, herbalists and engineers to fulfill the quality standard of the products. Our factory has been constructed and managed according to GMP guideline laid down by WHO and ISO management guideline.

So, our factory was recognized as GMP certified factory by the Ministry of Health, Union of Myanmar and ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14001 : 2004, OHSAS 18001 : 1999 management system certified by BVQI of United Kingdom.

In addition, FAME Pharmaceuticals was Nationally and Internationally honoured for its quality management and products by getting:

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Phytopharmaceutical Products

Ganocan® (Natural supplement for cancer)
Tinoflam® (Natural anti-inflammatory agent)
Immugin® (Natural immune enhancer)
Neurogin® (Natural immune enhancer)
Herbal Fresh® (Mental refreshment)
Dysenzi® (For amoebiasis and giardiasis)
Diarstat® (Natural anti-diarrheal agent)
Diabe-herb® (Natural hypoglycemic agent)
Urocrush® (Natural medicine for urolithiasis
Hepatec® (Natural hepatoprotective agent)
Hepa-B® (Natural medicine for hepatitis B)
Milk Thistle (High potency liver support)
Plasmogine® (Potent herbal anti-malaria agent)
Fame Chlorella® (Natural supplement for iron deficiency anemia)
Immunoplex ET® (Natural medicine for immunoenhancement)
Saw Palmetto (Nature gift to men)
Motulax® (Mild laxative)
Nonicap® (Natural supplement for cancer prevention)
Echinacold® (Natural medicine for acute respiratory tract infection)
Normosin® (Anti-hypertensive agent)
Completec® (Complete natural antioxidant)
Hepaforte® (For chronic hepatitis)
Biocrush® (Natural medicine for Gynaecological tumors)
Rejuvir® (Natural HRT for women)
Nemogin® (Natural treatment for bacteria infections of respiratorytract)
Nature C ® (Natural vitamin C supplememnt)
Tomatec® (Anticancer antioxidant)
Ladymax® (Beauty care for women)
Appletec® (Cardiovascular antioxidant)
Wound Healer ® (Systemic enhancer for healing)
Gynu-Herb ® (Natural medicine for diabetes)

Spirulina Products

Spiru-Garlic (Cholesterol lowering agent)
Spiru-C (Antioxidant supplement)
Immunoplex (Alternative to antiretroviral therapy)

Biopharmaceutical Products

Bee Pollen (Alternative to fenesteroid)
Royal Jelly (Antiaging agent)
Chitobit® (Natural lipid inhibitor)

Honey & Functional Honey

Citric Honey (Refreshment)
Garlic Honey (Cholesterol lowering)
Licorice Honey (Peptic ulcers)
Ginseng Honey (Immunoenhancement)
Lingzhi Honey (Anticancer)
Tinospora Honey (Inflammation of soft tissue)
Noni Honey (General tonic and euphoric)
Asparagus Honey (Sex tonic)
Pyo May Honey (Menopausal symptoms)

Consumer Products

Herbigesic® (Natural analgesic cream)
Herbicough® (Alternative to anti-tussive drug)
Clove Mouth Wash (Toothache and gingivitis)
Neem Mouth Wash (Dental caries)
Ganogesic Balm® (Natural analgesic balm)
Neem Skin Cream (Natural antiseptic cream)
Propolis Honey (Wound healing agent )
Natural Healer (Wound healing agent)
Nemoderm® (Natural antiseptic cream)
Aloeheal® (Herbal cracked heel cream)

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