Honokiol : FAME has manufactured one more new product to use in Hepatitis C virus infection as an adjuvant treatment.

Honokiol News

FAME has introduced new product Honokiol in June 2015. FAME Honokiol contains 95% of honokiol extract from Magnolia officinalis bark. Honokiol is a lignin present in the cones, bark and leaves belonging to the genus Magnolia. It has a multifunctional anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor effect. It also has antioxidant, anxiolytic and anti-depressant effect. It has effects on HCV which is a long term disease that evolves slowly, often leading to chronicity and potentially to liver failure.

FAME aims to use Honokiol in chronic hepatitis C which mainly acts at the site of the entry and to stop replication of HCV virus in the body. Honokiol can be used together with GreenTea(EGCG), MilkThistle and Luteolin to fight HCV virus.

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