For chronic hepatitis

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Pharmacological actions:
Schisandra chinensis: Major constituents include the lignans gomisin A, schizandirus and schizandrol. Extracts of the fruit have antiviral, antioxidant and liver protective effect.
Artemisia vulgaris: The aqueous extract significantly reduces the toxin-induced rise in plasma ALT and AST.
Eclipta alba: The active ingredient is wedelolactone which can lower serum transminase level. It is a potent and selective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor. The inhibition occurs via extremely aggressive oxygen radical scavenging. It is widely used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis.
Emblica officinalis: The herb exhibits antiviral actions and also protects the liver damage induced by carbon tetrachloride.

Each caplet contains

Schisandra chinensis extract
Artemisia vulgaris extract
Eclipta alba powder
Emblica officinalis powder
…………… 300 mg
…………… 100 mg
…………… 100 mg
…………… 100 mg

Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis

Adult – one caplet three times daily before meal


If pregnant or breast-feeding, seek supervision from a physician before use.

Quantity supplied:
60 caplets per bottle

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