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Pharmacological actions:
Momordica charantia contains pharmacologically active substances like triterpenoids, polypeptide-P and alkaloids. They can normalize the high blood sugar level of diabetic patient by the following ways:
♦ Triterpenoids reduce sugar absorption up to 30-40% by forming sugar-triterpenoid complex which can not readily absorb by the intestine.
♦ Triterpenoids enhance normal insulin synthesis by acting as coenzyme in this process.
♦ Polypeptide-P (also known as P-insulin) increases number of insulin receptors.
♦ Alkaloids and triterpenoids stimulate regeneration of β-cells of pancreas.
Momordica charantia reduces insulin resistance by suppressing the release of anti-insulin antibody from the immune system.

Each capsule contains
Momordica charantia standard fruit powder …………… 400 mg
(New modified formulation has been made to obtain the efficacy of previous 500 mg content)

For prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus

Dosage: (Adult)
Prevention – one capsule daily half an hour before meal
Treatment – one to two capsules three times daily half an hour before meal


Drug Interaction:
DiabeHerb® has synergistic hypoglycemic effect with insulin and other oral hypoglycemic agents. So, reduce the dose of these drugs when using together with DiabeHerb®. Consult with physician for dose adjustment. For more effective treatment, it can also be used together with GynuHerb® and JavaHerb®. DiabeHerb® has no interaction with other drugs and alcohol. DiabeHerb® is made from pulp powder of Momordica charantia and it’s free from seed. So it has no effect on blood pressure and can be safely used in hypertensive patients.

Quantity supplied:
60 capsules per bottle

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