Asparagus Honey

Natural aphrodisiac tonic

Asparagus Honey
Health Benefit
Supplement Facts
Directions To Use

Pharmacological actions:
Asparagus honey stimulates the sexual desire and enhances sexual performance in both sexes. It is also known as galactagogue because of its ability to increase fertility in both male and female. It also increases milk secretion.

Each bottle contains

Asparagus extract
Natural honey
……………   15 ml
…………… 285 ml

♦ Infertile couple
♦ Impotence
♦ Increase libido
♦ Lactating mother to improve milk secretion

Two to four teaspoonfuls after meal and at bed time
Shake well before use.

Store at 15 – 25 °C.
Protect from direct sunlight.
Do not keep in refrigerator.

Quantity supplied:
300 ml per bottle

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